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Founded in 2018, Humanitas4All is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to provide STEM enrichment opportunities for low-income and Title I communities around the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Through our tutoring services and projects in local community centers, Humanitas4All connects high school volunteers willing to make a difference with students without proper access to educational materials and basic necessities.

We connect with students participating in local community center programs and allow high school volunteers the opporunity to contribute to these student's education.

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Our Current Programs

HumScouts: Afterschool Tutoring-Program

The Humanitas4All Hum Scouts After School Program is an online program dedicated to helping elementary and middle school students stay on track with learning during the school term. We are aiming to serve all students in Northern Virginia, especially supporting students from low-income backgrounds and/or Title I schools. The goal of this program is to provide homework help, fun activities, positive character development, and support to young students and their families. Sessions will occur after school via Google Meet.

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The Humanitas4All AIM (Artificial Intelligence Mastery) Academy CS Bootcamp is an online program dedicated to helping participants learn and grow their understanding of coding languages beginning with introduction courses to HTML, Java, Python and more! The goal of this program is to provide resources to teach computer science concepts using interactive coding exercises and lectures. This program is open to people of all ages, and is beginner-coder friendly! This program is planned to start in the winter/spring of 2023-2024.

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Homework Help Pilot Program: Tyson's Pimmit Library

The Homework Help program is dedicated to offer accessible, in-person homework assistance throughout the week at Tyson's Pimmit Library. The goal of this program is to pair high-school mentors across the DMV to offer peer-to-peer tutoring for elementary-middle school students. This program is planned to start in the spring of 2024.

Parent Testimonials:

"[Mentee] loved how the tutors would find videos/topics that aligned with her interests to make it fun and motivating for her. She also liked working with tutors of the same gender as her. I thought the tutors were very friendly, well-prepared with the slideshows, had high expectations as well as high levels of games/fun, so it was a perfect combination. Very professionally done!"

"Both our mentosrs, were the best we've had. Both were very organized and communicated well, going so far as to send lessons and homework to parents. We were very happy with this session."

"[Mentee] loves to attend his class with [Mentors]. They are knowledgable and patient. They helped [Mentee] with his school problems and also introduced new interesting subjects."

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