Our Projects

Humanitas4All centers around providing tutoring services to local communities and several other projects which also aim to improve the education of younger students.

During the school year, Humanitas4All holds weekly tutoring sessions at Wexford Manor. Volunteers work with individual students on their homework assignments in math and English, and the attendees of these sessions come every week.

Our curriculum designers have produced a free online learning platform for students in grades kindergarten to 8th during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to increase the accessibility of education to students without in-person school. This website can be found at humlearn.org.

For the 2020 summer, high school volunteer tutors have signed up to tutor elementary students from Title I schools and other local elementary schools through a free month long summer program. The program will be run from July 6th to August 7th, and each day of the week is focused on teaching one lesson from the subjects of math, history, English, science, and computer science.

The AIM Academy is a subset of Humanitas4All with the goal to provide machine learning and artificial intelligence courses and resources which explain concepts from the basics. Visit their website at www.aim-academy.net.